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Air traffic with Tunisia will resume soon

The Tunisian Embassy in the Russian Federation said that the official resumption of aviation communication between the countries will take place in the near future.

Experts said that negotiations between the departments and representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries are coming to an end. On the eve of the Federal Air Transport Agency announced the conditions of entry to Tunisia, which are valid for more than one month. The tourism industry called it a good sign.

The representative of the department said that representatives of the national carrier of the Russian Federation have already visited Tunisia. The result of these negotiations was the resumption of air traffic between the countries. It is planned to launch regular flights to Carthage and Monastir. It s up to the Operational Headquarters to decide.

The Russian Federation supplies Tunisia with the largest number of tourists. More than 633,000 Russians visited the country two years ago. They spent about 6,500,000 nights in this country. Hoteliers say that Russian tourists spend most of their money on vacation. In addition to the tourist package, they spend about six hundred dollars more.

Tunisia received about 50 thousand Russian travelers in the first half of this year. Although there are still no regular flights. In the event of their recovery, representatives of the country s tourism industry expect the arrival of at least half of the dock volume of tourists. Today, in terms of tourist flow, Russia is only slightly inferior to France.

The expert added that at present, Russian tourists upon arrival in Tunisia will only need test results. However, these rules affect only organized tourists.

Travelers were exempted from various restrictions internally. All catering establishments continue to operate, as do excursions.

In addition, all representatives of the Tunisian tourism industry have already been vaccinated. To date, more than 2 million 700 Tunisian citizens have been vaccinated. In August-September, the government plans to inoculate another seven million. Experts say this is an achievable figure. A vaccine campaign will start in the country in two days. Several vaccines have been approved, including the Russian Sputnik V. Note that Tunisia was one of the first countries to approve this drug for the first time.

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