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Another company cites evidence of travel recovery

The restoration of tourism is now worried about the whole world. The holiday season will soon come to an end, and a strong influx of tourists at various resorts has not been registered. However, now we can still talk about a certain improvement. Booking Holdings has released financial statements for the second quarter. As it turned out, the real situation is even better than the forecasts that were previously announced. The total sales of all services that belong to the company and interact with tourists to $ 22 billion for the period from April to June inclusive. Experts expected to receive only 16 billion.

The holding assures that this is precisely the restoration of tourism that everyone is talking about. The positive changes are explained, among other things, by a noticeable activation of the tourist markets in the USA and Europe. Large-scale vaccinations against COVID-19 are taking place at a very fast pace in countries and coronavirus restrictions are gradually being eased. Tourists are allowed to relax in a relatively free environment. The majority of tourists are now unable to travel due to the lack of legal rights to do so. There is reason to believe that the absence of strict covid rules would cause an explosive growth in tourism even during a pandemic and the danger of infection.

However, such Booking figures and the cautious forecasts of officials from different countries are not always supported by representatives of the tour operator market. Companies that interact directly with travelers report that there is a need to make adjustments to existing programs. The same Association of Russian Tour Operators has proposed to the world tourism community to start restoring mutual trips right now. It is clear that the covid will not disappear in the near future, but tourism may go bankrupt.

Not entirely favorable news is coming from Europe. The spread of the Delta strain threatens to subtract three-tenths of Spain's GDP growth this year. That is about 3.3 billion euros. This year, the goal of the Spanish tourism sector was to achieve half of the 2019 summer tourist flow. However, there is reason to believe that this is not possible. To meet the sector's goals and government forecasts, about 17 million tourists are expected to arrive in Spain this summer. Such indicators are hardly achievable.

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