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ATOR reports how much the number of flights has decreased during the pandemic

The analytical service of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia confirms that in the first half of the summer season of 2021, 5 times fewer flights are still performed than during the same time in 2019, when transportation was free and tour operators were planning programs. Last year, experts assumed that 2021 would be more successful for tourism and more foreign destinations would become available. Indeed, some states have opened for tourism, but their list is still quite limited.

Also, most foreign countries do not receive the attention of Russian tourists due to the high cost of tickets and accommodation. Resorts in Greece, Croatia, Cuba and Cyprus can be cited as an example of insufficient attention to tourism. Although these countries are open to Russian tourists, they accept a limited number of flights. The situation in 2019 was completely different, when these directions were massive, and took up to 10 flights only from the capital. Additional flights were carried out from regions where holidaymakers came steadily. Naturally, in such a situation, the cost of air tickets has increased.

An exception in terms of interaction with tourism can be considered Turkey, which receives the maximum possible number of flights from Russian cities. Now 42 regions can send and receive international flights, and they all cooperate with Turkey. In 2019, passenger traffic was much higher due to the fact that 78 airports operated on international routes. In 2019, flights to Turkey flew at different times of the season. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia reports that at the moment there are flights in Turkey from about 30 Russian regions, while in 2019 there were from 48 to 52.

From April to the end of June this year, flights were completely suspended due to poor sanitary conditions. There is hope for a certain stabilization of the situation in the second half of the summer, but this does not mean that the data on passenger traffic will break the 2019 record. Russia and many other states are unlikely to see such indicators in the near future.

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