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ATOR told why the cost of tours is growing

Head of the Association Maya Lomidze said: “Last minute special offers with big discounts (more than 30%) today is almost impossible to find. Cheap vacation options can be found in domestic and Turkish resorts. Maneuvers with prices can only be done where there are charter flights. ”In addition, the expert noted that a limited number of destinations are available to tourists. Most of them did not open. Despite this, the resorts do not face a shortage of tourists. Due to the fact that demand is higher than supply, there can be no talk of competition. Therefore, the price tags continue to rise. For example, in some international destinations, prices have increased by more than 25%. These include the United Arab Emirates, Greece and Cuba.

the dynamics of the trend in the choice of accommodation facilities and travel packages in general. The expert adds: “It started last year. Currently, this is an unambiguous trend. The most expensive hotels are redeemed first ”. The head of ATOR believes that such changes are due to the stability of the financial situation of premium travelers. According to the expert, the crisis caused by the covid pandemic did not affect them.

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