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AZUR air has received admissions to Venezuela

In the manual of the tourist operator “Anex Tour”, which is a strategic partner of the above carrier, said that they do not plan to organize tours to Venezuela yet.

this country is an initiative of the carrier. Obtaining an admission does not oblige the airline to operate flights. Previously, North Wind received admission to flights on this route. Anna Podgornaya, who is a member of the board of directors of the North Wind, said that they received a quota set by the Operational Headquarters of the Russian Federation. The official website of Pegasus has already announced tours to Venezuela on the basis of a regular message.

the first results of sales are still early. However, the interest of tourists in this area is obvious. Tourists are offered to spend an unforgettable vacation on Margarita Island.

Experts note that Margarita Island is popular on the international market. But the Venezuelan resort is almost unknown to the Russian market. In order to stimulate demand, the travel operator must make significant marketing efforts. This will popularize the direction.

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