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Coronavirus Incidence Rises In Tokyo

Trust verified information from expert sources – study the answers to questions about coronavirus and vaccinations from doctors, scientists and scientific correspondents. NHK television reports that the incidence of coronavirus in the Japanese capital, hosting the Summer Olympics, has skyrocketed. Yesterday Tokyo for the first time crossed the mark of 5 thousand new cases, thus setting an anti-record.

At the same time, the highest daily incidence in the country exceeded 14,000 cases. Tokyo accounts for about 30%.

In addition, over the past day at the Olympic Games, they also recorded a record for the number of positive tests for covid. Coronavirus was confirmed in 31 people. In total, the incidence of coronavirus in the Olympic Games reached 353 cases.

Japanese citizens are complaining that the Games are being held during a pandemic. They are organizing protests. One of these took place on the opening day of the Olympics, which took place on 23 July. The Japanese are convinced that the authorities are violating the Constitution. They are not ready to protect the population of the country from the spread of the coronavirus. The authorities responded immediately to the protests. They decided to hold the Olympic Games without the participation of foreign fans.

At the same time, the IOC assured that the safety of those in the Olympic Village was nothing does not threaten. The complex has a capacity of 6,700 athletes and officials. All of them are regularly tested for coronavirus. If any of the athletes test positive, they are immediately quarantined.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo were to be held in Last year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were postponed for one year. The Olympic Games began on 23 July and will run until 8 August. They decided to keep the same name – “Tokyo-2020”.

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