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Crimea begins to live according to new rules, which are more convenient for tourists

has been a negative trend in coronavirus, therefore, you can carefully plan work taking into account the removal of certain restrictions. As it became known on August 11, the water parks of the Republic of Crimea will be able to work 6 days a week. According to the latest changes, it is allowed to open food courts and operate attractions in Simferopol.

A regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters of the Republic took place, at which they discussed the latest changes in the sanitary situation and agreed that it is possible to allow the operation of the Crimean water parks 6 days a week. One day, Wednesday, should be spent on high-quality sanitary cleaning of territories. According to the head of the republic, recently the situation with coronavirus infection has become more stable, which makes it possible to cancel some stringent requirements.

These requirements interfere with the normal life of tourism and make adjustments to the schedule that vacationers plan in advance. In order for people not to give up on vacation in Crimea, the rules must be adequate. According to the head of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, over the past 4 weeks there has been a decrease in the number of infected people in Crimea. Good indicators are registered in Simferopol, where the incidence rate is lower than the national average.

Recall that coronavirus restrictions in Crimea have been in effect since March 17 last year. Since that moment, adjustments have been periodically made to the requirements that are put forward in relation to tourists visiting local resorts. Another tightening of the rules fell on June this year, when mass events and the work of entertainment establishments were banned. Attractions such as theaters and museums were only open for partial occupancy and time constraints. So far, local authorities have not announced when all the requirements can be canceled. Not a single Russian region possesses such information now.

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