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Details of flight support for Russian families with children have become known

This conclusion can be drawn from the message that appeared on the official website of the Federal Air Transport Agency. According to available information, more than 450 million rubles are allocated to support the S7 airline. As part of the above government support program, the company will operate 32 routes. Airlines & quot; Ural Airlines & quot; and Nordwind will receive 369 million and 229 million rubles each. compensation accordingly.

In general, the government allocated 1.35 billion rubles to support domestic flights. and the sale of tickets has already begun. The cost of transportation under this program should be in the range of 4.6-11,000 rubles. Families traveling with children can save money on flights due to discounted fares. There are a fair number of directions to choose from within the proposed effort. In some cases, the cost of air tickets is reduced by three to four times due to benefits.

it was assumed that at least 50,000 people would be able to travel in a year. Unfortunately for many passengers, the program does not include destinations popular among classic tourists, in particular Crimea and the South of Russia. Also, it will not be possible to go on an excursion trip to St. Petersburg or Moscow, taking into account the benefits. A remarkable fact is the start of the implementation of the family travel program at the end of summer. Most likely, families with children will choose during the fall holidays.

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