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Details of sending the first tourists on direct flights to Egypt

According to forecasts, flights will be operated until March 27 of next year. Most likely, these programs will be adjusted during the season, as decisions on the expansion of transportation should appear in the near future. The tour operator will offer its clients to travel to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada from Moscow four times a week. Moscow time, the flight departs at 5:00 am. The return flight is scheduled for 21:30. Airplanes will fly to Sharm el-Sheikh three times a week. Departures and arrivals are the same as in the case of Hurghada. In any case, charter flights would be cheaper, but regular flights also have their advantages.

First of all, you need to pay attention to enough convenient schedule. The Russians will take off in the morning and return on the evening flights, which may be convenient for the formation of a high-quality excursion program. The listings have a sufficient number of accommodation facilities. In general, there are 164 of them. If we talk about the cost of rest, then you can go to Sharm el-Sheikh for seven nights, taking into account accommodation in a five-star hotel and the all inclusive system, for at least 44,400 rubles per tourist, subject to double accommodation … 51,500 rubles must be paid for a vacation in Hurghada on the same terms. As you can see, while the rest is not too cheap, but experts did not predict a serious drop in prices. As soon as the flight program expands, holidays will become cheaper.

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