Dolphin and I. (3)

"Marina by the Sea" by Marina Stepenkova. Copied on Yandex-images "Marina by the Sea", author Marina Stepenkova. Copied on Yandex-images

The house where Ruslan and Igor brought Yana was right on Cypress Alley. It was an ordinary street lined with tall cypress trees on both sides.

Yana had been on this street before when she went to the city. The cypresses, with their sharp tops directed to the sky, reminded her of the guards from a fairy-tale land. And what? If Yana were a writer, then in some fairy tale she would definitely try to use the image of guardian cypress trees. May these majestic warriors guard the castle of a princess or queen.

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– Welcome, madam princess, to our castle, Igor bowed jokingly.

– Thank you, prince, – Yana said in his tone.

She lifted up her pretty nose, imitating an arrogant princess, and, not noticing a small black dog lying in the middle of the yard, stumbled over her. Yana would definitely have fallen if Ruslan hadn't picked her up in time. on the move, get out of here.

– Yes, it's not his fault, I'm always in some of my fantasies and don't notice no one, – Yana stood up for the dog.

Maybe you also write poetry? – Igor asked.

– Maybe I am writing, – Yana answered, rolling her eyes languidly.

– Marcello, it's good to play the fool, – Ruslan said sternly, referring to Igor by his army nickname.

– Well, that's it, if the commander calls me Marcello, then he is serious about you, Yana, – Igor winked at the girl.

– I really write poetry, Marcello guessed it, – said Yana.

– If you want, then you can read them here Ruslan suggested.


– Yes, here we have just the right contingent for this, Igor noted.

– Aunt Khibla rented accommodation to tourists from St. Petersburg, and they turned out to be a company of hippies, solid artists, poets and musicians, – Ruslan explained, – Every evening we now have barbecue and concerts here.< /p>

As if to confirm his words, the sounds of a guitar and collective singing were heard from the depths of the courtyard: we are on the road day after day, and the wagon in the clean field is our usual home …

– Cool sing, – Yana appreciated the singing.

– Well, then let's go get acquainted with everyone and eat kebabs, – Ruslan suggested and extended his hand to Yana. ? – Yana laughed.

– No, I just like you very much, – looking the girl in the eyes, Ruslan answered and, without waiting her reaction, squeezed Yana's tender fingers in his strong palm.

Holding hands, Ruslan and Yana went inside the courtyard and ended up in a spacious gazebo, where there was a large, round table, and around it strange people with long hair and beards.

– Hi guys, I brought a poetess to you, her name is Yana, – said Ruslan, and all eyes immediately turned in his direction.

– Poetry is great, I'd love to hear it, said one of the men.

– Meet Yana, this is Leonid, Ruslan said.

Leonid bowed his head welcome.

– Yanochka, I will now reveal to you a mysterious secret, – Leonid smiled, – In fact, we are not hippies, but famous actors from Moscow, we just decided to take a break from fame incognito and grew beards and these amazing shag hairs .

Yana didn't know whether to believe Leonid's words or not, but she smiled just in case .

– Yanochka, don't believe this clown, – the man who played the guitar entered the conversation, – We are from Leningrad.

– This is Boris, Ruslan introduced the man.

– Yanochka, if you want, read your poems to us, and then we'll start kebabs, it's very hot to eat, – suggested a blond-haired man in a panama hat.

– This is Ivan, – introduced Ruslan and him.


– Ok, I will read only one poem that I composed last night, – said Yana and, without breaking, began to read by heart:

Abkhazia, are you waiting for me? You are waiting, I know, you are waiting and you are warming the sea with the sun, You are worried, you cannot hold back the trembling. Premonitions that I will arrive soon. Abkhazia, did you miss me In the dank winter with long storms? Have you ever seen me in a dream? Do you remember everything that happened between us? Abkhazia, my friend, how are you? points=”4″>Jana finished reading and felt sweat on her forehead. The girl had no idea that reading her poems in public is so exciting.

– Not bad, not bad, – Leonid stated.

– Very talented poems, well done, Yanochka, I even imagined how you did it yesterday they thought of everything and gnawed at a simple pencil with their sharp teeth,” another man's voice was heard from the darkest corner of the gazebo.

– And this – Vsevolod, – said Ruslan and winked at Yana reassuringly.

– Kebabs are ready! Aunt Hibla's voice sounded.

She was already carrying a huge platter with meat skewers stacked in rows.

– Marcello, help your aunt, and I'll go to the house for vegetables and herbs, – said Ruslan, apologized to Yana for the absence and left the gazebo.< /p>

With the departure of Ruslan, Yana suddenly felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable, as if she suddenly lost her protection. She stood on the threshold of the pavilion until Ruslan returned.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3. To be continued…

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