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Egypt vs UAE: Who will wealthy tourists choose?

The UAE has been hosting Russians for a long time. The rules, in general, can be called very loyal and comfortable. About the distribution of tourists according to the principle of “ with money and without the press service of the tour operator ANEX Tour replied to Countryscanner the following: “ Today, such a statement is not entirely relevant, because as in the UAE there are mid-range hotels at an affordable price, and in Egypt there are hotels, the cost of which coincides with the cost of quality 4-5 * UAE. Today, in any country, you can find a tour for a tourist with different possibilities.

This position of the tour operator confirms the fact that the market is changing quite dramatically. The UAE has long reported that it wants to offer vacations to different people in terms of the wealth of tourists. The country has learned to make good money on travel and multidirectionality is one of the ways to success.

Tour operator Intourist also does not confirm the fact of sending tourists to Egypt with less income. “This is not the case, in the same Dubai, Sharjah there are hotels for every budget. From budget city centers with rooftop pools to luxury resort complexes of famous Arab and world chains. If we talk about the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, then there is an all-inclusive vacation, which is so loved by families with children. The constant expansion of transportation, both from the regions and from Moscow and the entry of new air carriers in the direction of the UAE, allow us to reduce the cost of packages, the press service of the tour operator told Countryscanner.

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