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Egyptian Airport Checks Called Too Meticulous

-render__blockSending tourists to the resorts of Egypt involves many procedures that must comply with special protocols. These procedures were developed on the basis of agreements that were reached before the launch of air traffic. Rossiya Airlines informed its passengers that before flying to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, you need to remember about all aviation security procedures, and therefore you need to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Russian tour operators explained why problems may arise and is it really worth having patience for everyone who flies to Egypt on direct flights from Russia.

This post contains a few tips to keep tourists calm. The Association of Tour Operators advises that tourists should pay attention to how the visa is stamped, if any. The stamp should be on the visa itself, and not somewhere below or on another page. It is necessary to pay attention to this point for the reason that in a group of journalists who visited Egypt even before the opening of direct air links to the resorts, three people had difficulties precisely because of the wrong stamp. This stamp was placed not on a visa, but simply on an empty seat in the passport. On a domestic flight of Egyptair, passengers with such a visa were refused. Naturally, people can get nervous for this reason, so it is easier to control the moment in advance.

The problem was solved by going to the border guards and explaining why the situation had developed this way. Moreover, this stamp had to be explained several times. Also, the Association of Tour Operators recalls that security measures have been strengthened in Egypt and now the passage of all pre-flight procedures resembles a quest. Documents are checked many times. Everything should be clear and harmonious. In some cases, it seems that the airport services check all the documents too carefully and try to find what is wrong. All things that passengers take with them on board are carefully and thoroughly checked. Some tourists report that now the procedure for receiving tourists in Egypt resembles Israel, which has always been distinguished by its meticulousness in terms of checks. After all, it was airport security that caused the major problems that kept planes from flying. Now you can clearly see what “ real security is.

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