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Egyptian ground services banned from boarding Russian airline

been discussed by experts for a very long time. It should be noted that Egypt and Russia very often voice different information on this topic. One thing is known, and one and the other side cares about ensuring that tourism is safe, and travelers can relax and just enjoy their vacation. The Izvestia newspaper, citing several sources, reported that the Federal Air Transport Agency refused to allow Egyptian personnel in the air ports of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada to board Russian air carriers.

If you believe the media, the data on this topic are confirmed, including by a letter from the chairman of the trade union of pilots of the Rossiya airline. It is the sources in this airline that appear in the media describing the incident. Since flights to Egypt did not fly precisely because of problems in aviation security, this topic is now an advanced topic. For many years, negotiations have been held on how to organize tourism in a safe format and provide vacationers with the format they expect. The newspaper quoted above cites a document stating that the highest aviation safety standards are practiced during flights to Egypt.

Actually, according to this reason and difficulties arose with ground personnel. Most likely, the work was organized in this format due to fears that an explosive device could be brought into the plane, as has happened before. You also need to understand that at the time of writing the news, there were no official comments from the Russian authorities on this topic, therefore, an incorrect interpretation of the document of the Rossiya airline cannot be ruled out. In any case, there must be some more logical explanation for this situation, if it really develops this way. To date, only Aeroflot s subsidiary flies to Egyptian resorts from the Russian side. Partner of Rossiya Airlines is the tour operator Biblio-Globus. This situation angered representatives of the tourism business, who believe that this is direct evidence of a monopoly.

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