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Egyptian merchants raised prices due to Russian tourists

The renewal of direct air links will have a positive impact on various fields of activity, including the souvenir trade. In the mass understanding, the Russians have not rested in Egypt for 6 years. Tour operators and hotels have pledged to make every effort to ensure a good stay. The souvenir shops also prepared for the influx of customers. However, you need to understand that there are two sides to any problem.

In social networks, tourists began to spread information that with the return of Russian tourists to the markets of Egypt have skyrocketed. According to official information, no one planned to inflate prices. Most likely, this is how the consumer movement in restaurants, bazaars and cafes affects the situation.

Hotel occupancy is gradually increasing. People want to enjoy the form of recreation that was acceptable to them a few years ago. This is impossible without going to bazaars. Moreover, traders need to somehow neutralize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and make money. Russians are most often offered souvenirs that are associated with ancient Egyptian artifacts. Unfortunately, China makes these souvenirs very often. However, not all tourists know about this.

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