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EU countries continue to tighten restrictions

The countries of the European Union continue to tighten restrictions. And tourists will not be able to avoid a number of them. A few days ago, three EU countries announced covid restrictions – Montenegro, Italy and France.

Let s start with France. This country has introduced sanitary passes for guests arriving from abroad. This measure will take effect in France from tomorrow. This innovation was reported in the Foreign Ministry.

According to French Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, this procedure is similar to that applied to the French. Foreign tourists can also get a QR code.

A sanitary pass will be required wherever more than fifty people congregate. Without it, you cannot enter catering establishments, medical institutions, shopping centers, and public transport. All persons over twelve years of age will be required to present the document. Until the end of the month, those who have not reached the age of majority were also released from this obligation. In the future, this document may also require other places. But much will depend on the epidemiological situation in France.

To obtain a health pass, you will need a vaccine certificate, test results, a certificate proving a recent recovery from covid. Today in France there are two types of sanitary passes. One is required in order to attend events, the second is required to travel within the EU.

Montenegro has also tightened covid measures, which also imposed restrictions on arrivals. According to the latest updates, to visit catering establishments, clubs and discos, you need to submit similar documents.

Printed and electronic documents are accepted. This rule does not apply to persons under the age of eighteen. The covid measures are not planned to be withdrawn earlier than August 20.

In Italy, the EU unified covid certificate will begin operating next month. It will be required to enter restaurants and public transport. A few days ago, visitors to cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, concerts, etc. must show their “green” pass.

The document is not required upon check-in. Without it, you can order to go or “dine” in outdoor establishments.

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