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Expedia Confirms Behavior Shifts for Classic Backpackers

The latest Expedia Travel Recovery Trend Report shows an increase in international searches with a focus on larger cities and longer search windows. An online travel portal reports that the global rollout of Covid-19 vaccines is helping to restore travelers confidence. People are more actively looking for interesting resorts. The company released its first trend report in May to help travel companies reconnect with travelers. The latest report shows an increase in international searches with a focus on major cities.

TTR Weekly reports that global searches have increased more than 70% from the previous quarter, with the increase attributed to global vaccination programs and the relaxation of restrictions on travel. Search windows have also increased from 0-21 days to 22-90 days, reflecting the growing confidence among travelers that people are planning their trips even further. The depth of bookings is likely to grow rapidly.

While domestic travel remains the preferred option for many, the report shows an increase in global searches, with international destinations outperforming domestic ones for an extended period in the second quarter. Beach and city destinations were the most popular with Atlanta, Mykonos, Paris, Seoul and Sydney in the top 10 most booked destinations in every region of the world.

The report also reflects an increase in the search for sustainable travel options, with many travelers opting for more sustainable travel options. Travel destination and other options increasingly depend on their sustainability, according to TTR Weekly. Everyone understands that the field of travel after the pandemic will be different. However, the fact that large cities are still of interest to tourists proves that there is no fear of crowds. People are not afraid to get infected with covid.

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