February Dagestan

I was in Dagestan at this time in 2020.

Arrived in Makhachkala already in the dark, and there in terms of degrees – colder than in Moscow. But dry and somehow not cold. I agreed with a taxi in advance (now I'm sorry, by the way, there are a lot of taxis meeting at the airport, not only private traders, but also official ones, and there is also a Yandex taxi), so I stood and waited. At first, even without a hat. Slightly touched with the local atmosphere.

Airport, Makhachkala. Copied from Yandex Airport, Makhachkala. Copied from Yandex


While I was waiting for a taxi, I just looked at the beautiful Dagestan women at the airport. It seemed to me that the fabrics of their clothes are beautiful and of very good quality.

The faces of Dagestan women, usually closed and gloomy, at the airport shone with undisguised joy of meeting with relatives and friends, and were truly beautiful. The men they met had neat, well-groomed beards and cute Muslim-style hats.

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One taxi driver began to shout to the whole street: “Who should go to Makhachkala? To whom in Kaspiysk? Go!” Another taxi driver, pretending to be a passenger, shouted back at him from the steps: “How much?” The first did not understand at first that his own people were making fun of him, he shouted with interest: “Three hundred!” He answered from the porch: “What is so cheap?”

Then he already understood, laughed and again shouted: “Who in Makhachkala, Kaspiyk?” Him again from the porch: “How much?” He: “Two hundred!” Him: “What's so cheap?” So we caught up to fifty dollars. Probably, if I had shouted that I would go for fifty kopecks, then he would have taken me.

Last year I got a free ride as a guest. In fact, it’s not scary here, everything is in sight, like a big village, and decent Dagestanis do not offend women, even Russians, at least in their own Dagestan.


Photo of the author of the channel Photo of the author of the channel Photo of the author of the channel Photo of the author of the channel Moscow, it was warm in spring, I walked in a light coat and thin boots, without a hat among blooming roses, and even the sea was not cold.

But now, capricious Dagestan frowned, it became cold, a strong wind blew and rain poured down. And a few days later the wind blew even harder, the Caspian raged, and all the roses were covered with snow.

Photo by the author of the channelPhoto by the author of the channel

The first two days in Dagestan I usually feel sleepy, this is how acclimatization happens, the body adapts to Dagestan, clears itself of urban smog and dank sadness, filling with the energy of the mountains . I want to sleep from an excess of oxygen.

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