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Foreign tourists arrive in San Marino to be implanted with Sputnik V

Foreign tourists arrive in San Marino to be vaccinated with Sputnik V

Foreign nationals arrive in San Marino to be immunized here against covid. They visit the dwarf state to receive both doses of Sputnik V. The news agency Novosti reported the day before, referring to the Institute of Social Security of San Marino.

About two months ago, San Marino opened up vaccine tourism. Anyone who wants to be vaccinated with a Russian vaccine can come here, reserve a hotel room and stay in a picturesque place for 6 days: three days with a break of three to four weeks. Immunization with Sputnik V here costs 50 euros for both doses. The hotel and travel are paid by travelers separately.

For the entire time of vaccine tourism in San Marino, more than 800 foreign tourists have been vaccinated. Most of them came from Germany for vaccination. Some tourists who came for vaccination even took ampoules with them as souvenirs.

In addition, tourists from Japan, the United States, China, New Zealand, etc.

National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Italy. According to his research, antibodies appeared in 99% of those vaccinated. In total, 5,000 people took part in the study.

To date, 70% of citizens of the dwarf state have been vaccinated. This indicator will be enough to develop immunity. Most of the population (85%), choosing between Pfizer and Sputnik V, preferred the Russian drug.

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