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Four-star hotels in Egypt will cost from $ 28 per night

Head of the tourism department Khaled al-Anani said that it is “guarantees a high level of service for tourists. “This will become a kind of barriers for” unscrupulous competitors “of hoteliers,” lowering prices due to deterioration of service. “

The official has not yet disclosed the details of the innovations. It remains to be seen who this requirement will apply to. Will this measure only affect prices “from the counter” or will it also apply to contracting hoteliers with tour operators.

Observers note that holidays in the resorts of Egypt have risen in price relative to the pre-pandemic time. The rise in prices for tours to Egyptian resorts is due to the fact that the local tourism business is forced to invest in covid measures. This was told by Hisham al-Dameri, formerly head of the Tourism Promotion Department. In addition, the rise in prices was driven by expensive air travel and the fact that most budget 3-star hotels remain closed today.

On August 9, the first flights departed from the Russian capital to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh after a pause that lasted about six years. The flights are operated by the Rossiya carrier, which represents the interests of Biblio-Globus. The occupancy rate of the first flight was 100%.

Less than 200,000 Russian tourists visited Egypt in January-June this year. In July, the flow of tourists from Russia to 32,000 tourists. Before the suspension of flights, the Russian tourist flow exceeded 3,139,000 Russians.

After the Russian Federation suspended flights with Egypt, the number of Russians decreased by almost 100%. Egypt, in terms of international tourist flow, immediately slipped to 22 positions (from 37th to 59th place). It took about three years to restore the Egyptian tourism industry. After the resumption of aviation communication with the Russian Federation, according to experts forecast, Egypt will receive about nine million foreigners. 1/9 of which will fall on Russia.

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