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German authorities revised entry requirements


The Delta strain continues to rage the world. This is forcing countries to rethink their entry requirements. On the eve of innovations in the face of an increase in the incidence of the Indian strain of covid, the German authorities announced. Family tourists with children will be hit hardest.

New covid requirements for tourists came into effect in Germany at the beginning of the month. According to them, tourists over twelve years old who have failed to provide evidence of immunization or a previous illness will have to pass a PCR test. In addition, they will be quarantined, regardless of the country of arrival.

In addition, unvaccinated or recovered tourists from the “red” list countries undertake to present the test results and go to a ten-day quarantine.

If the test, carried out on the fifth day of quarantine turns out to be negative, the quarantine ends ahead of schedule. Tourists over the age of twelve are also subject to five days of isolation. Less lucky are vaccinated or ill tourists arriving from epidemiologically unfavorable countries. They will be quarantined for two weeks anyway.

The innovations will affect all the “entrance gates” to the country. They will be valid until December. If earlier this rule was applied only to those arriving by air, now it has extended to those arriving by land and sea. Law enforcement officials said most tourists follow all the rules. Only 616 out of 155,000 travelers could not provide the required documentation. In percentage terms, this is about 0.4%.

The German travel association harshly criticized these innovations. The association said the term “high risk area” was vague. Experts say: “This will be a significant disadvantage for family tourists. Most families are vaccinated. However, there is currently no approved vaccine for children. In this case, they cannot avoid quarantine. ”

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