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How are things in Italy after the introduction of “green passes”?

Italy points visited-renderblock> Italy the introduction of “green passes” things are going with visiting public places and attractions. They say that everything here is “very difficult.” Tourists are simply kicked out of restaurants and attractions.

Earlier, the Italian authorities announced the recognition of health certificates from a number of non-EU countries. But despite this, most of the travelers who arrived from these countries faced difficulties while traveling around the Apennine Peninsula.

It is worth recalling that since August 6, the “green pass” has become a prerequisite for visiting gyms, amusement parks, museums, restaurants and other facilities. Objects that allow visitors without a “green pass” were offered to be mercilessly fined. At the same time, the Italian Ministry of Health announced that vaccine certificates issued in the European Union, Canada, Israel, the United States, Japan and Britain will be accepted as a “green pass”. However, in reality, it turned out differently.

Only in a few Italian cities, travelers from non-European countries did not experience difficulties with “green passes”. Complaints from other regions are received regularly.

Media reports: “From Sicily to Venice, tourists report getting rejected from museums, restaurants, bars and other establishments. And this despite the fact that they have vaccine certificates that were issued by an approved country outside the European Union. So, there was a complaint from British tourists that they were denied in Tuscany. The reason for the refusal is the absence of the Italian “green pass”. A similar situation is observed in Naples among American guests. Vaccine certifications are even more complex. Most restaurateurs did not understand the decisions of their own authorities and scanning technologies, which only exacerbated the situation. And this is not surprising: non-compliance with the rules (if any) threatens business owners with a fine. Its size reaches one thousand euros. Therefore, most of them prefer to play it safe.

But as a result, such “security measures” repel most of the guests. One of those who faced this comments: “Tomorrow I am leaving for Austria. It is very difficult today in Italy. ”

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