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Hungary is ready to accept not only vaccinated Russians


The rules for accepting tourists in Hungary are constantly changing, which makes tourists think about the complexity of the entry procedure. However, in reality, everything is not as complicated as they write in the media. The Hungarian government has again updated the rules for admitting foreigners, according to which it is possible to come not only with a vaccination against coronavirus, but also with a negative test result for covid-19. This analysis should be done by PCR. The relevant information on the website of the Hungarian Embassy in Moscow appeared last Thursday.

During the coronavirus pandemic, tourists have already adapted to the fact that just before leaving for a foreign country, you need to carefully study the rules of admission. Sometimes adjustments are made very often. In order not to suffer and not incur additional losses, you should know in advance what documents should be prepared. In the case of Hungary, earlier this country could only be visited by those Russian citizens who had completed the full course of vaccination. However, later it became known that the rules had changed and it was enough to present only a negative analysis for coronavirus made by the PCR method.

Validity of this document 72 hours before departure. However, you need to understand that now there are still certain requirements and, regardless of the applicant's request, you can only get a single-entry tourist visa. This means that a confirmation of hotel booking and a paid ticket must also be attached to the package of documents. In addition, the trip must be made no later than 90 days from the moment when the papers were sent. An application for a visa permit may be rejected if there are suspicions about the real intentions to enter Hungary. For this reason, visas are sometimes refused by other foreign states.

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