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Individual Chinese tourists flood Russia

First of all, you need to understand that the Chinese are ready to see a wide variety of attractions and spend a lot of money there.However, after the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of individual tourism will grow, which is safer due to the possibility of minimization and contacts.Do not forget that older Chin ese very often come to Russia. They are ready to form their programs taking into account visits to certain attractions, but separately from the main group.

Chinese tourists have retained good memories up to this time, which concern the Soviet Union. Many are already retired, so they have enough time and money to travel. Many of them are interested in coming to rest in Russia and see with their own eyes what is happening there now. People compare what they see with what is formed in their imagination. Among older Chinese tourists, the so-called “ Red Tourism is very popular. In order to serve a large number of Chinese, Russian travel companies should keep this category of Chinese in mind. They can become important clients in the development of individual tourism.

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