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It became known whether Aeroflot will fly to the Peloponnese and Corfu

permission to open a new flight program.This time they were allowed to fly to the island of Corfu and the Peloponnese.However, the end of the season is approaching and there are serious doubts about the real start of flights.The Association of Tour Operators of Russia informs about the probability of a real launch of flights in this direction in the season of 2021.

To begin with, it is necessary to indicate that obtaining flight permits does not yet guarantee that real flights will be operated. This is a theoretical right that the airline will exercise in the event that there are permits for flights from other departments. The materials of the Federal Air Transport Agency explain that Aeroflot was allowed to fly from Moscow to Corfu four times a week. The airline has the right to fly to the Peloponnese twice a week. At the time of this writing, there was no information on the possible launch of flights. There are serious doubts about whether flights are really worthwhile this year.

Airlines submit documents for obtaining admissions, however, they assume their implementation only if there is a permit for the formation of flight programs. Tolerances remain valid for 1 year. The permit is revoked if the airline does not use it during this period. Obtaining permits to fly to the Peloponnese and Corfu means that the airline is simply interested in these destinations and would like to fly there, subject to all associated permits.

However, this year, at the end of the high tourist season at the destination, hardly anyone will launch a new flight program. Perhaps Aeroflot will use its right next season, when more coronavirus restrictions will be lifted. Tour operator TEZ TOUR also voiced its doubts about new flights. In the Peloponnese, the high tourist season ends in a month and a half. The hotel base in Corfu is almost fully occupied until the end of the season.

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