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Mediterranean resorts, including Antalya, will flood

According to their forecasts, Mediterranean resorts, including Antalya, a favorite of Russians, will simply become a scorched desert or be destroyed by a powerful earthquake. But some scholars point out that Antalya will face a different fate. And she s also quite disappointing. In the next hundred years, the Turkish resort, like most others, will disappear under water.

Thus, NASA announced the development of a new interactive tool, studying the impact of global warming on the water level on the planet. The data obtained will demonstrate how high the world sea will rise. According to research by scientists, there are six possible scenarios for the development of events from optimistic to the most pessimistic.

This tool was developed after the publication of the 1st part of the IPCC report, based on the world sea level from 1995 to 2014 Research by scientists has shown that in the last century there has been a rapid rise in sea level.

As for Antalya, by 2031 the rise in sea level will be about 14 centimeters. The best-case scenario assumes that sea level will rise by 22 centimeters by 2050. If events develop according to the worst-case scenario, the sea level rise will reach 30 centimeters.

After 2050, the situation will only get worse. The rise in sea level, depending on how events unfold, will reach 44-90 centimeters. By 2150 the sea level can surpass 65-200 centimeters.

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