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Mexico will not check vaccine certificates on tourists


Mexican media have published the position of the country s authorities regarding the entry of foreigners. Mexican authorities will not require foreign nationals to provide a vaccine certificate. Entry for them will be unlimited.

Currently, there are massive protests around the world. People are protesting against compulsory immunization, discrimination against the unvaccinated, the division of society into vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Mexican authorities decided to take a different path. They decided to drop the requirements for vaccine certificates, green passes and quarantine for foreigners. The authorities took such measures despite the fact that the epidemiological situation in the country leaves much to be desired.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Mexico reported on the incidence in the country. According to the latest statistics, over the past day, more than 20,000 new cases of the disease and 611 deaths were recorded.

The number of cases during the entire period of the pandemic exceeds 2 million 900 thousand. More than 242.5 thousand infected people have died.

But official statistics say that most older people are vaccinated. It is mainly young people who become infected. However, they are mildly ill.

Experts believe that restrictions have already entered into force in a number of Mexican states. Persons who cannot be provided with a vaccine certificate are prohibited from visiting public places.

Mexicans who receive a second shot can say the vaccine certificate with a QR code. They can do this on the official website of the Ministry of Health. It is almost impossible to forge certificates. Because verifiers can determine its authenticity. Mexican certificates are accepted in other countries.

Foreigners upon arrival in Mexico must fill out a special form, after which they will receive an individual QR code.

All hotels and tourist infrastructure facilities are available to tourists in Mexico. In public places and transport, tourists are required to observe the mask regime. And on the beaches you can do without a mask.

If a tourist gets sick with coronavirus on vacation, the state will pay for accommodation in a special hotel. The rest is a matter of insurance.

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