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Actually, it's more correct to call the boarding house in Musser – Boarding house im. N. Lakoba “Mussera”, that is, the boarding house itself is called “Mussera”, but it also bears the name of Nestor Lakoba.

Boarding house "Mussera". Copied from YandexPension "Mussera". Copied from YandexBy the way: Myussera is a small village in Abkhazia, located in a protected area. We can say with confidence that this is the most ecologically clean area on the entire Black Sea coast. Copied from

I readily believe this statement, because the boarding house is located far from the roadway and in the depths of the Myussersky Reserve.

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Who is this Mr. Lakoba, after whom the Myusser boarding house was named?

Although I was advised here not to trust Wikipedia and other Internet sources, I don't have anything else at hand at the moment, so I' ll have to use what I have. In any case, the materials published on the Internet have undergone a certain check and cannot be 100% false.

So, judging by Wikipedia, Mr. Lakoba was considered a hereditary peasant. Literacy, thanks to the parochial school, he was trained. He graduated from the Tiflis Theological School, entered the Seminary, but was expelled in 1911 for his revolutionary work.


Thus, Mr. Lakoba became a revolutionary and actively participated in the revolutionary work of the Bolsheviks until established Soviet power.

In 1922, Mr. Lakoba became chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of Abkhazia. In fact, Lakoba can probably be considered the founder of Soviet Abkhazia, because he was the first to propose separating it from Georgia and fought for its independence.

This is the first name in Abkhazia. Nestor Lakoba is the first business executive of the wonderful Abkhaz Republic… Comrade. Lakoba constantly travels around Abkhazia, thinks, works, looks for people, calculates and is almost never satisfied with the successes achieved. (E. Zozulya, Ogonyok magazine, 1934) =”article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled” data-points=”2″>N. LAKOBA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

The Internet claims that Beria himself poisoned Nestor Lakoba in 1936, although it was officially announced that Lakoba died of a heart attack.

In principle, no wonder: why did Lavrenty Pavlovich need another tsar in the Black Sea Caucasus, especially since the Black Sea should be given away rather everything , no one wanted. Georgia has not recognized the independence of the Abkhazians to this day and, I think, will never recognize it.

The fact that Lakoba was declared an “enemy of the people” after his death was also, I believe, the work of Lavrenty Beria. Perhaps he was afraid of revenge from the relatives of Nestor Apollonovich.

The Lakoba family began to be persecuted and sent to camps. In the end, they were all rehabilitated, but some, including Nestor Lakoba himself, were already posthumously.

Monument to Nestor Lakoba in Sukhum. Copied from YandexMonument to Nestor Lakoba in Sukhum. Copied from Yandex


Mr. he was a Bolshevik and a communist.

The fact that monuments were erected to him in Sukhum and Gudauta, Abkhazian streets were named after him, his name is mentioned in books and films about the revolution, and now, even a sanatorium was named after him, is not surprising. The man who fought for the independence of Abkhazia will forever remain in the hearts of the Abkhazians.


In advance I apologize to those who may have been offended by my article. In the article, I used Wikipedia materials. Who has something to say on this topic – welcome to the comments under the article. I will answer everyone.

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