New Athos caves. I've been there twice

Channel author with daughter in 2017 trying to take a selfie next to the entrance to the New Athos Caves story. They were discovered in 1961 under the Soviet Union.

A 16-year-old boy named Givi Smyr somehow grazed goats or just walked in the area and for some reason climbed the slope of Iverskaya Mountain. Maybe the guy climbed out of curiosity, maybe, for some other need, but it was Givi Smyr who found this amazing place and told the adults about it.

Then this guy grew up, was an artist and sculptor, in 2001 he became the director of the New Athos Caves Museum.

< p class="article-render__block article-render__block_unstyled" data-points="4">I wanted to meet him in 2017, but I didn't have time, he died. They say that he was a simple and good person, he often walked near the waterfall and talked with people.


#rest in Abkhazia #new Athos caves #travels #tourPhoto by the author, 2012 Photo by the author , 2012 -render__block_unstyled” data-points=”3″>Its entrance leads to a dungeon with nine halls, each with its own name.

I've been to these caves twice. I do not like dungeons and closed spaces, but what I saw there, of course, amazed me.

A tour of the underground halls is like walking through the kingdom of the mistress of the Copper Mountain from Bazhov's fairy tale. Only in these halls there are no gems, but the cave is so beautiful and unusual that it is already a gem in itself. DELIVERED

You don't need to go down to the underworld yourself, tourists are taken there by a small train like a metro. In general, the Abkhazians tried to make the descent and walk through their caves as comfortable as possible for visitors.

Copied from YandexCopied from Yandex

The only thing worth mentioning take care is to take warm clothes with you underground. It is always cool underground, even in summer, so tights, socks, a sweatshirt or a tippet will not be superfluous on this excursion.

And, of course, shoes should be comfortable, after all, there is twilight, steps, bumps and dampness in places.< /p>


The air underground is also not quite normal. There is no danger for absolutely healthy people, but hypertensive and hypotensive patients should be vigilant about their condition, however, as always.

They say that under the USSR, the air of the New Athos caves was explored and studied. Some rooms of the dungeon were used for scientific purposes, and experiments were carried out there. It seems that even in some patients there was a positive trend in the cure of bronchial asthma.

At least that's what the tour guides say. But perhaps this is just a bait for tourists.

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I sincerely recommend that all travelers visit the New Athos caves at least once in their lives. The impression of this excursion will remain for a long time, forever.

Of course, you can look at photos on the Internet, but still, even the best photos will not convey the atmosphere of fabulousness and mystery that you experience during a real visit this tourist site.

I would call the descent into the caves an unreal reality. Because it is impossible to find words to describe the energy of this place. I have not yet met a single person who would be disappointed with a visit to the New Athos caves.

Most importantly, dress warmly!

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Photograph inside I didn't even try the caves, with such lighting as there, only masters are able to photograph. Therefore, all the photos in this article were borrowed from the VK group “Sukhum.

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