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The author of the channel walks alone on the territory of the united boarding houses, 2021 The author of the channel walks alone by the territory of the united boarding houses, 2021 romantic solitude, but there are loners like me.


Me in the thrill of traveling alone. You don't need to adapt to anyone, you don't have to be led by other people's needs and desires, you yourself plan your vacation as you want.

Of course, in some matters during any trip, it is nice to realize that there is a friend’s shoulder nearby who is able to give wise advice in a moment of sadness or come to the rescue at a difficult moment in life. But still, I prefer to travel alone.


Perhaps the most important reason for my choice is that I have not used television for many years. I don't even have a TV at home, I take all the films on the Internet or from friends and watch them on my laptop. And #fellow travelers usually stick to the TV screen, as if spellbound, and the sound of TV alone makes me nervous.

But it happens that some # a tourist suddenly decides that you need his company and undertakes to deliberately spoil your #vacation. You try to politely disengage from communication, but the tourist (ka) does not understand your hints. What to do in such cases? How to avoid conflict situations?


How- then I came to Pitsunda in the fall for a few days. Stopped at #OPK "Pitsunda" and accidentally met a woman from Vorkuta.

Well, I met and met. Once I walked along the embankment with her, a couple of times I had to sit down at her table at dinner, even agreed to go to the city market with her. And it's not enough for her.

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– I invite you, – she says somehow, – You to #restaurant at your own expense. I understand that you have little money, but I have a lot.

And her suggestion seemed strange to me. It's like it's already gone too far. And I refused to have dinner with her. Then I was late for breakfast. And in general I began to avoid meeting with her.

I don't know if I was right that time or I should have had dinner with her, as they say, for free. But I acted according to my mood and spent this evening on the shores of my favorite sea in the company of friendly dolphins. And I can dine at a restaurant at home.

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