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One of the most popular beaches in the world will reopen to tourists

Until 2019, this particular beach was the second most popular photographed object in Greece. That is why it is so important to take care of its reopening. The beach has taken its place of honor among the ten most famous beaches in the world. This popularity is indicated, among other things, by the fact that there is an old smugglers ship that sank and was washed ashore more than 40 years ago. In the early 1980s, this beach was called St. George. The name comes from the monastery, which was located near the beach. However, in 1980, a smugglers ship sank there, which was pursued by police. A couple of years after this event, the ship was thrown ashore by a storm.

When tourists began to actively explore the island of Zakynthos, photographs of a rusted ship became one of the most popular. In September 2018, the beach was hit by a landslide, 7 people were injured. After that, the Greek authorities banned visiting the beach, as they recognized it as dangerous. However, this year, discussions began again about the possible return to life of the famous beach, which in the past three years has been forced to not help the development of tourism in the country. They even drafted a law within the framework of which an agency should be created to manage and operate the Zakynthos shipwreck. New initiatives will be developed to help tourism make more money at an important tourist destination. They see no point in postponing the issue of opening Navagio beach in Greece any longer. If you do not take protective measures, then the place of the shipwreck can simply be lost. In winter, the beach suffers from strong waves that can finish off the ship.

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