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Passengers will be able to receive compensation for all Ural Airlines tickets

Ural Airlines, it seems, listened to the wishes of tourists and announced that in the period from August 9 this year to April 25 next year, it will compensate the cost of purchased tickets, even with non-refundable fares.

This information was announced by the airline s press service and immediately began to be discussed in the media and social networks. First of all, let us designate that we are talking about all regular flights of the airline that fly between Russian airports. You can compensate the cost, including transfer flights departing from September 1 this year to April 25 next year.

It should be noted that during the coronavirus pandemic last year, the airline already announced such a campaign and announced that it was ready to interact with its customers … Due to the fact that transportation during this period was rather limited, the aviation industry was included in the lists of the most affected areas. To attract the attention of passengers, airlines were forced to offer more favorable conditions and introduce a wide variety of fares.

Ural Airlines is one of the five Russian carriers in terms of the volume of flights. Before the coronavirus pandemic, there was a steady increase, but now, like many players in the aviation market, Ural Airlines are experiencing serious problems. But at the same time, the carrier announces that it is ready to develop various initiatives that will stabilize the situation and come to normal indicators.

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