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Popular Greek Island lifts coronavirus restrictions

/> Popular Greek island lifts coronavirus restrictions

Zakynthos island in Greece is a popular tourist destination. Local newspapers report that the island has lifted anti-coronavirus restrictions, but in the resort of Chania, these measures will be in effect until August 18. An explanation of how the resort works will appear on August 18.

According to local media reports, the authorities of the island of Zakynthos have decided to abolish the curfew, as well as other requirements that apply to the life of the resort. These requirements, as is the case with other states, were introduced to contain the coronavirus pandemic. According to assumptions, the coronavirus rules were to be revised on August 18, as will be done in the city of Chania. However, local residents began to express their own dissatisfaction with the way the situation was developing. Therefore, the authorities reconsidered their decision and announced that the restrictions were lifted.

The situation is developing in this way, including due to the intervention of the regional governor Ionian Islands. The island of Zakynthos is part of this region. The island's authorities believe that coronavirus restrictions there are inappropriate and, in general, they were imposed unreasonably. Business suffers greatly from this.

hour. Such measures were explained by a sharp increase in the number of infected with covid-19. However, both vacationers and the local population were so tired of the demands that they began to express their dissatisfaction much more actively than before. It is not yet clear whether this influenced the decision of the local authorities. However, the rules have changed.

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