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Popular Turkish resort turned into a ghost town

The tourism sector, significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, is currently in an “economic storm”. The reason is the fires that recently raged in Turkey. Despite the fact that August is the peak of the tourist season, hotels and restaurants in the resort are deserted. You will not see people on the streets of Marmaris.

Devastating forest fires left Marmaris without travelers. Tourists cancel bookings not only for the current month, but also for the fall. Resort store owners in troubled times are encouraging travelers.

Hürriyet reports that instead of crowds of tourists in the center of Marmaris today, you can see children chasing a ball. Local traders are concerned about the situation.

One of the hoteliers in Icmeler, who suffered the most from the fire and lost a significant share of forests, says: “The guests and residents of Icmeler had the strongest panic during the fire. However, together we managed to cope with these difficult days. During the fire, the tourists left the resort and did not want to return. Travelers have no desire to visit a half-burnt resort. Therefore, they cancel bookings for August and September dates. Restaurants are currently empty too. However, Marmaris is still a heavenly place. Only certain areas were affected by the fire element. ”

The owner of a jewelry outlet complains about the limited season. He comments: “Tourists from Russia and the UK are not coming to us because of the covid pandemic. Most of the local population survives on tourism. The upcoming winter season is of concern to us. The resorts of Selimiye, Shogut and Turunc are among those not affected by the fires. At least domestic tourists came to us. Our nature and the sea are still beautiful. Come to Marmaris.

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