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Qatar Airlines Suspends Airbus A350

Qatar Airlines decision to temporarily suspend the latest aircraft from service is due to concerns about the condition of the carbon composite fuselage. It was developed in order to make it not only easy to operate the aircraft, but also cheaper. After all, he used less aviation fuel.

An airline spokesman said that corrosion centers under the paint have been observed for quite some time. They appear on the hull of the aircraft. Now the decision has been made. Airbuses A350 will not be used until the causes of the destruction are established.

In order to prevent air passengers from encountering inconveniences after the suspension of operation, the carrier is already looking for alternative options. One of these will be the immediate return to service of the A330.

Today, the fleet of the Qatari carrier has 53 Airbus A350s. Taking into account the preliminary contracts, the number of orders from the manufacturer from France reaches 76 aircraft. In this, no other global carrier can compare with Qatar Air. If the problem persists, Qatar Airlines will refuse to supply the A350.

Today Singapore Airlines is recognized as the leading international operator of the A350 … The carrier s fleet includes 56 Airbus A350s. The fleet of the American carrier Delta Air Lines has fifteen such aircraft. These airlines have had no problem with composite hulls.

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