Rest in Abkhazia. Boarding house “Pitius” in Pitsunda

Still, I was flattered by one more Abkhaz sanatorium. Before the new year, together with my tour operator, they also made a request for the boarding house "Pitius" in Pitsunda, I already thought that there would be a refusal, but confirmation came a month after our request.

I don't know, maybe I should have turned it down, but I thought, I'll stay there, live longer, I really liked it last year live and work by the sea. I had to get a loan, but I'll pay off somehow.

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I noticed this boarding house for a long time, it is cheaper than the combined Pitsunda boarding houses, but it is no longer located in the bay, but further away behind the cape. That is, there will be a slightly different climate, colder, and there will be more waves in the storm.

I hope this does not threaten me, because I will go there after June 15, and at this time the weather in Abkhazia should be consistently warm.

Although not a fact, on a trip you need to be prepared for everything, and for storms, and for floods, and even for tornadoes. Still, when we leave home somewhere, we always run the risk of getting into some kind of adventure, and we need to be ready for anything, for any trouble, at least mentally.

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The tour cost me 14 days (with check-in after June 15) at 29 thousand rubles. Not a little, but not so scary, considering that three meals a day are already included in this amount.

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I took a standard, single room with air conditioning, I will hope that they will not be deceived, although I am afraid that they can slip it with a fan instead of air conditioning. Then you have to settle it, after all, in Abkhazia in June it is usually hot, and without air conditioning it will be difficult.

In relation to the city and the Great Pitsunda Cathedral, Pitius is not so close. You will have to walk for a long time or get some kind of transport to the center. I'll figure it out on the spot, then I'll write here what and how.

Copied from YandexCopied from YandexCopied from YandexCopied from Yandex By the way, there is also a swimming pool. I'll take a look, I'll take a picture, I'll post it.

This Pitius is located right next to the Litfond sanatorium, where tourists go for entertainment, but they say there is no entertainment in Pitius . But I don't need to. The main thing is that the sea and the park were. And there seems to be a park there, they write that it is quite beautiful.

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