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Rossiya Airlines resumes direct flights to Varna

Direct regular flights from St. Petersburg to Varna are resumed. The first flight of Rossiya Airlines is already today.

Flights will be operated twice a week (Tuesday/Sunday). The flight duration is 3 hours 20 minutes. On Tuesday, the flight departs from Pulkovo at 09:00. The return flight is scheduled for 13:25. On Sundays, the liners leave for Varna at 10:00. The return flight is at 14:40. The carrier also operates flights from Pulkovo to Burgas (four times a week).

The management of the tour operator “Solvex” comments: “The current expansion of air traffic will have an effect in the medium term. But for the current summer season, this is too late a decision. It won t really matter. “

Currently, trips are mostly booked two to three weeks before departure. But despite this, the choice of the destination and dates is still taken for a month, or even more. In addition, last month the entry into Bulgaria was suspended in a state of uncertainty. Initially, it was said that vaccinated Russian tourists can enter the country without any restrictions.

After the incidence in the Russian Federation increased, the requirement for mandatory PCR testing was introduced. It extended to everyone. By the end of the month, this requirement was again canceled. Such frequent changes in requirements will negatively affect demand. In addition, the news about the opening of the Turkish Republic and Egypt put pressure on the Bulgarian travel market. Affected demand and the fall of the ruble against the euro. This caused a significant rise in the cost of Bulgarian vacations and a decrease in consumer demand in the Russian Federation. “

on the Russian travel market. About 70% of hotels have started operating in Bulgarian resorts. Most of them do not have any difficulties with filling. After all, the main travel markets of the European Union have already opened. In addition, Bulgarians are planning to spend their holidays in the country this summer.

The expert said that at the time of opening the hotels offered big discounts for reservations. They reached 30%. Currently, hotels have returned to dock-like rates.

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