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Russia leaves Israel s red list on Monday

Together with Russia, Belarus, Britain, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Argentina and others have moved. This was reported by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Before this law comes into force, you need to wait for its approval by the Knesset Commission.

Moving the RF from the “red” list to “orange” means that Israelis will be able to visit Russia and the above countries without the need to obtain special permission from the Israeli authorities. However, upon arrival home, they will have to undergo a mandatory quarantine for seven days. Moreover, even those vaccinated and recovered will go to quarantine.

Tourists returning from “yellow” countries (China, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Taiwan, Hungary, etc.) will be in quarantine for one day.

Spain, Mexico, Brazil, the Republic of Turkey, Georgia and Bulgaria are still on the “red list”. In order to visit these countries, you need a special permit. In the absence of such, violators face a fine. Its size is $ 1,556. In ruble terms, this is a little more than 115,000 rubles.

It should be noted that there are no countries in Israel s “green” list.

The inclusion of the Russian Federation in the “orange” list is great news. Especially when you consider Israel s cautious attitude towards tourists. To date, these are only outgoing streams. And they are, according to forecasts, unlikely to be large. Because all Israeli citizens arriving from abroad will be quarantined. On the other hand, there is a possibility that immediately after the opening of the country, the first tourists will be the Russians. ,

Last month, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism announced the entry rules for tourists. So, the vaccinated Pfizer or Modern must provide the test results. Those who have been vaccinated with other drugs will need antibody testing upon arrival in Egypt.

March. However, only citizens with a residence permit or good reason are allowed to enter the country. According to initial plans, the country was to open to tourism in July. Later, the date was postponed to August 1. Now they decided to postpone it indefinitely.

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