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Russian aviation companies are ready to deliver flights to Qatar

Russian aviation companies have announced their readiness to launch flights to Qatar. This will happen after the Middle Eastern country cancels quarantine and other covid restrictions for citizens of the Russian Federation.

The national carrier has scheduled the first flights to the capital of Qatar. Aeroflot s air tickets will go on sale after Russia is included in the green list.

A representative of the national carrier commented on the situation: “Currently compulsory quarantine for Russians slows down the launch of flights. We express our hope that the mandatory quarantine will be canceled by September-October. “This period is the high season in the country.

Qatar currently lacks specific criteria for adding countries to the green list. The benchmark for Qatar is the levels of health care and vaccinations, the severity of the covid requirements, and so on. The expert added that the Qatari authorities recognized vaccination only with drugs approved by the WHO. There are no vaccines in this list.

But the Qatari medical authorities have announced that they will soon begin to recognize vaccines that have received the approval of the sanitary authorities of other states. In this case, vaccinated Russian tourists can visit this Asian country without restrictions.

We add that the tourist operators of the Russian Federation have already announced the seriousness of their intentions for this destination. So, at the beginning of last month, TUI Russia announced plans to deliver direct charter flights to Doha in winter. Departure – from Moscow. Next season, they can deliver flights from a number of Russian cities.

“The uniqueness of this direction is that regular air transportation is in great demand” – declare in “Intourist”. This tour operator was selling packages to Qatar before the pandemic.

A tour operator says: how entry visas were canceled. And in the dock time, the direction showed good dynamics. This destination is especially popular with active tourists who have explored other countries quite well and who want to contemplate something new. A big plus of the country is the abundance of regular air travel. First of all, Qatar Airlines, which cooperate with tourist operators and provide very attractive block fares. ”

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