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Russian tourists are expected in the EU by the end of this year

Tourists from Russia are important for the European Union. When choosing a vacation spot, the majority of Russians (74.5%) prefer Europe. The European Tourism Commission said: “We express the hope that positive changes will take place by the end of this year. Either the Russian Federation will be included in the list of “safe countries”, or the Russian vaccine will be recognized by the EMA and WHO. “

The likelihood of recognition of Sputnik V is low … The European Medicines Agency is in no hurry to approve our drug. Earlier, the European Commission said that with the Russian vaccine “everything is quiet.” The European Commission reported that the vaccine manufacturer did not provide evidence of the vaccine's safety.

This statement was called “politicized” by the RDIF. According to a representative of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, “the process of recognition of Sputnik V in the EMA is underway. And it can be called positive.

In the European Union itself, there is no consensus on the recognition of “Sputnik V”. The Italian embassy in Russia expressed the hope that soon a positive decision on the Russian vaccine preparation will be made. Or Italy unilaterally recognizes Sputnik V. But this option has no prospects. And the example of San Marino has demonstrated this. Obtaining a “green” passport for Russian citizens “does not shine.”

France has a different opinion. The French Foreign Ministry appealed to other EU members with an appeal not to recognize the vaccines of the Russian Federation and China. The main reason was that their effectiveness has not been proven.

The Russian Foreign Ministry's reaction to the calls of France was immediate. The department says that “the West s statements against Sputnik V are not substantiated. He accused the French authorities of “the issue of a scientific and humanitarian nature is being considered at the political level.”

safe countries ”, a decrease in the incidence rate is required. The day before, the head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, announced the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus in the Russian Federation. The increase in the incidence rate has decreased mostly due to the decrease in the incidence rate in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

Based on this, we can say that Soon, Russian citizens will not be able to visit the EU. It will take some time for Sputnik V to be recognized. And there is still a long way to go to improve the epidemiological situation.

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