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Russian tourists started arriving in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada

In addition, Rossiya Airlines also sent its passengers to Egypt. According to a press release from the airline, it happened right on schedule. The plane from Terminal D of the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport took off for Hurghada at 08:55. Another flight left for Sharm El Sheikh at 10:30 (arriving at 14:25). The aircraft will be checked especially carefully before sending them back to Russia. The Egyptian airline reported that the first flight has already landed at Hurghada airport and so far everything is going according to plan. According to the clarifications, which were also made public by the representatives of the airline, a group of aviation security experts is permanently located on the territory of the airports. Experts will be engaged in ensuring the safety of Russians at resort airports. Terminals will be thoroughly inspected prior to arrival and departure of flights.

The territory was checked very carefully before the first flight arrived from Moscow. A careful inspection is carried out on the basis of a special protocol that was signed between Russian and Egyptian officials. It is reported that approximately 50 Russian security personnel will be permanently present at each airport to control all the necessary moments before the arrival and departure of aircraft.

At the initial stage, this issue will be given priority attention, since the checks themselves are followed by passengers and journalists. Officials at Egyptian resort airports completed all stages of preparation for serving Russian travelers on August 9 and assured the responsible authorities that all precautions are being followed as agreed. A press release from the Egyptian airline says that from August 9, they will operate 4 flights to Hurghada and 3 to Sharm el-Sheikh. In the near future there is hope for the expansion of transportation in the direction. At least the necessary approvals were issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

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