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Russians go to Macedonia, but do not book accommodation. How so?

-render__blockSome countries receive a good tourist flow from Russia for the reason that they can offer transfers. The situation with flights from Russia to North Macedonia is approximately the same. As it became known, planes with Russians are sent with a load of about 95%, but at the same time, the demand for recreation in Macedonia itself can not yet be called active. In most cases, flights are used by transit passengers who want to visit Albania, Montenegro, Greece or Bulgaria. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia reports that last Monday a flight from Moscow was met in Skopje, the load of which was about 95%.

Among the passengers on board, there were a sufficient number of transit travelers who later went to Greece, Bulgaria or Montenegro. Among other things, there were also vacationers who came to explore North Macedonia itself. It is not worth arguing that the tourist flow to this state in the near future will increase, since the situation is quite multifaceted. But during a pandemic, Russians are exploring directions with which they were previously familiar. Perhaps this trend has some impact on travel to Macedonia. The lack of direct air communication for this state was previously one of the main factors that blocked the growth of tourist flow. From now on, such a problem does not exist and you can engage in promotion, local officials have repeatedly reported.

Now the demand for recreation is small, however, with active interaction with tourism representatives it is possible to stabilize the situation and show good results. Before the coronavirus pandemic, combined tours were in demand, providing a varied program in the Balkans. Perhaps the launch of direct flights will stimulate the study of Macedonia as an independent destination. However, so far the country notes a high percentage of arriving foreigners who are then sent in transit to other countries. Perhaps tour operators who work with this direction will be able to convince Russians that North Macedonia is a good tourist destination. Moreover, Russians do not need a visa to enter. There is no need to take coronavirus tests or print out vaccination certificates in advance.

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