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Russians were reminded of the documents with which they are allowed to enter Turkey

Turkey is a fairly popular state that is in demand among Russian tourists. Periodically, the embassies of foreign states remind you what are the rules for admitting foreigners and what documents you need to prepare in order to arrive without problems. Last Thursday, August 12, Russian newspapers began to publish information on what documents can be used to cross the Turkish border. Most likely, the data was clarified due to the spread of various negative information on the topic of possible or already introduced toughening of the rules for the admission of foreigners by Turkey.

If you look at the situation with this state soundly, then it is Turkish resorts that most often make the headlines in news newspapers. Every now and then one of the experts suggests that the country is about to be closed to Russian citizens. They blame either forest fires, or deteriorating sanitary conditions, or some other indirect factors. At the same time, Turkish officials have repeatedly stated that there will be no deterioration in the near future. The country is actively vaccinating tourism, which allows planning a cautious optimistic scenario for the coming months. So, as far as the rules for entering Turkey are concerned, foreigners can come with any of the registered vaccines vaccinated. The certificate is considered valid if at least 14 days have passed since the receipt of the second dose of the drug. The certificate must be issued in English. If a tourist has suffered a coronavirus infection within six months, then it is enough for him to have a certificate of the presence of antibodies with him.

In addition, the travel operator ANEX Tour sent its partner agents a clarification with a list of documents confirming the transferred illness. The tourist can choose one of several options. The first is a document issued by the health authorities and confirming that the patient has suffered a coronavirus and recovered from it over the past 6 months. At the same time, the first positive test for coronavirus should be no earlier than 28 days before entering Turkey. In this case, the document must be translated into English or Turkish and notarized. The second option is a document from the State Services website, which can also be printed in Russian. This option will be much simpler and more convenient in terms of design.

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