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Sevastopol Authorities Announced When Historical Buildings Will Be Cleaned Up

It is assumed that different sources of funding will be attracted to meet the specified deadlines and perform the work efficiently. This information was announced on Wednesday during the meeting of the governor of Sevastopol with the president, which was broadcast on the Russia 24 TV channel. The governor told the president what state the important historical buildings are in now and what measures need to be taken to improve the situation. For the restoration of some buildings, funds have already been allocated from the local budget, but they are clearly not enough. Also, in some cases, private investment was attracted.

The governor hastened to remind that in 2020, the improvement of the city began, within the framework of which Bolshaya Morskaya Street was reconstructed. In the near future, according to the authorities, another street will be repaired – Lenin Street. Tourists have repeatedly reported that there are opportunities for recreation in Crimea, but attention should be paid to historical sights, as well as to the development of infrastructure. The authorities have listened to this and recently more and more often declare that the implementation of a project is starting. There are more roads that allow you to get to the sights comfortably.

The Governor also raised the issue of suspending the reconstruction of the historic boulevard, which began in 2018, but to date, less than 10% has been completed planned works. The official does not deny that these works were carried out in bad faith and it is probably necessary to figure out why this happened and punish those responsible.

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