Tent city in Musser. Is this good or bad for Abkhazia?

In a comment under my recent article about the boarding house im. N. Lakoba "Mussera" a very nice companion Elena E. came and told me a lot of interesting things about her vacation in Musser. Here is a photo of her from her room with a sea view pobochnyj-effekt-jandeks-dzen-93d37c8.jpg” />Photo by Elena E.Photo by Elena E.

What upset me most of all was not the fact that Elena told me about Mussera's room stock and the weak Internet. In principle, there is such a problem in any sanatorium or boarding house in the post-Soviet space of Abkhazia. I was upset that a tent city appeared next to the boarding house.

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I surfed the net and found information about this tent camp, which positions itself as a freelance yoga camping from the Sochi tourist club "Sisimba" (not a very clear name, but oh well, we'll figure it out later).

Photo copied from fitsochi.ruPhoto copied from


We have conceived for you not only exciting trips on weekends, but also an internal program: thematic workshops, film screenings, creativity, training (copied from the network).

The camping administration offers tourists accommodation “in the protected area of ​​the Myusser-Pitsundsky Reserve, 300 meters from the sparsely populated seashore”.

They write that on the territory of the camping there are showers with hot and cold water around the clock, a faience toilet; (here I didn't quite understand: most likely, these are not plastic dry closets, but ordinary ones, and, apparently, without treatment facilities), equipped kitchen, guarded, free parking, Wi-Fi – 300 meters from the camp ( it's not clear to me here, 300 m within the radius of the camp or from the camp, but most likely the same Internet as in the boarding house), cinema, artesian tap water (ahahah, here they are too bent, in Abkhazia any tap water is considered artesian).< /p>Photo copied from fitssochi.ruPhoto copied from fitssochi.ruCopied from YandexCopied from Yandex , this refers to the territory of the boarding house).

For 2021, it was 500 rubles per day per adult without services. That is, 500 rubles without meals, tents, mattresses, etc.

The camping hotel specializes in hosting supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is the territory of health, optimism, personal growth. A space free from fanaticism and propaganda (copied from the net).

Perhaps someone will be inspired to spend time at this campsite (not me, because I like to sleep on normal, preferably orthopedic mattresses, not on tourist rugs), the main thing is that cleanliness is observed there.


I would like the cleanest coast of Abkhazia to remain clean forever, despite any yoga campsites and other tourism business products .

Copied from YandexCopied from Yandex

I think that I didn’t go to Mussera until 2020 for nothing. Now it will most likely become more hectic there, not only because of the tent camp, but also because of the surging flow of tourists who were not allowed into other countries.

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