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The authorities of the country implore tourists not to give up their holidays in Turkey

It is worth recalling that the tourism sector, significantly affected by the pandemic, received an additional blow. This blow was the large-scale fires observed in the most popular resorts (Antalya, Bodrum and others). The flames spread over several thousand hectares. Tourist activities bring large incomes to the region. Now he must come to terms with another blow to the economy. In addition, the popular Turkish resort may face a new mortal danger. The CHP plant caught fire. Its fire is fraught with the release of toxic gases that threaten the health and life of local residents and tourists. People from this region had to be evacuated urgently.

Representatives of the tourism industry asked travelers “not to cancel bookings.” They announced a reduction in fire hazard. The resort authorities followed the example of tour operators. Earlier, similar calls for foreign guests were made from the municipality of Datca.

The Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators of the South Aegean says tour cancellations continue. Hotels remain empty due to prolonged fires. Experts believe that they are empty due to the closure of the British market. We add that Britain has again included the Republic of Turkey in the “red” list. Therefore, British citizens cannot visit the country's resorts before September. The main hope of Turkish tourism today is domestic tourists.

Experts comment: “The dynamics of the region are domestic tourists. At least this flow of tourists was active. If you would like to return to Marmaris in a year, do not cancel your reservation now. “

Fires in Turkey during the pandemic have broken resistance tourist sector. The damage was incurred by the local population and investors.

Earlier, TUI UK announced the cancellation of sales of tour packages. The tour operator suspends sales of vouchers until September.

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