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The headquarters opened more new countries for Russians

However, at the time of the last meeting, the epidemiological situation in individual countries has improved. Based on these changes, it was decided to remove from August 27, 2021 restrictions on regular and non-scheduled (charter) flights from Russian airports, from which international flights have resumed, to the Dominican Republic, South Korea and the Czech Republic. Previously, flights to these countries were also possible, but their number was extremely limited. The launch of a full-fledged air service is extremely important for tour operators who have more opportunities. As a result of the last meeting, the number of flights to Hungary, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is increasing on a reciprocal basis.

Among other things, from 27 In August this year, flights from the Surgut international airport to the airports of foreign countries will be resumed …

The operational headquarters also recommends tourists who are going to foreign countries, get vaccinated against covid. Officials have also voiced such recommendations earlier. This will free tourists from additional procedures upon arrival. In particular, quarantine was lifted for vaccinated tourists in most states. You also don t have to worry about expensive tests for covid if the country of arrival recognizes Russia as a safe (in the sanitary sense) state.

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