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Three countries that weakened entry conditions for Russians sound the alarm


Not having time to rejoice at the opening of a new direction, natural disasters or a surge in morbidity overtake it. This has already happened with the Turkish Republic, Greece, Crimea and Kuban. Now the alarm has been sounded by 3 more countries, which have recently weakened the entry conditions for citizens of the Russian Federation.


At the end of last month, Bulgaria canceled PCR testing for covid for vaccinated tourists. The Russians were no exception, despite the fact that Bulgaria included Russia in the “orange” list. Already ten days later, the incidence in the republic jumped sharply. The Bulgarian authorities were forced to acknowledge the arrival of the fourth wave. Its peak will be at the end of August. The medical authorities of Bulgaria report that over the past day they have recorded 774 new cases of coronavirus infection. A day earlier, this figure was 598 fewer cases.

Experts predict that by the end of this week, the daily number of infections will surpass the 1,000 mark. Due to the worsening epidemiological situation, the Bulgarian authorities introduced an emergency regime in the country. It will be valid until the end of the month.

Residents of Bulgaria and its guests must observe social distance and mask mode. The implementation of the covid constraints will be strictly controlled. Especially in resort areas.

Tour operators are not expecting mass cancellations. After all, the Bulgarian direction was not in high demand due to the high price tags. So, a five-day vacation for two with accommodation in a four-star hotel in mid-August costs from 122,000 rubles.


Russian citizens can enter Georgia by presenting test results (unvaccinated and not ill with covid) or a vaccine certificate (for vaccinated). Everything works in Georgian resorts. More than a month ago, the country lifted the curfew. Until recently, the main problem was the lack of direct air communication with Russia. However, the Russians entered the country on connecting flights via Minsk or Istanbul. Yesterday, due to the critical increase in the incidence of covid, Georgia announced tightening of covid measures. Over the past day, the coronavirus was detected in 5697 people. A day earlier, this figure was equal to 2236 cases of the disease.

Nothing has been said about closing borders and introducing a lockdown. So, vaccinated tourists can go on vacation to Georgia.


The first direct flights to this country departed from Moscow on June 1. In order to attract Russians to their resorts, the Croatian authorities recognized the vaccine certificates of the Russian Federation as a sufficient medical document for crossing the borders. Russians who have not been vaccinated must present the test results or take a test upon arrival in the country. Since yesterday, the Austrian authorities have sounded the alarm regarding the epidemiological situation in Croatia. It turned out that the Austrians bring covid from this particular country. The Austrian health services said that over the past seven days, the incidence in Croatia has increased by almost 200%.

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