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Tour operator named the directions of the Russian Federation without strict restrictions

Most international and domestic travel destinations have strict covenant restrictions. However, there are also such directions that have decided to do without restrictions. The Alean travel operator named five Russian regions to which tourists can go without worrying that they will be required to provide any additional documents.

The representative of the travel operator comments: “In some regions, travelers are trying to get used to the new tourist reality – the provision of vaccine passports, test results, certificates for antibodies, while in others there is an antiquated democracy. ”

In the regions that are listed in ALEAN, a number of restrictions apply. But they do not cause significant inconvenience to the tourist. Basically, this is the observance of the glove and mask modes, the congestion of the halls, the restriction of the work of catering establishments at night.


The head of the top five tour operators is the Republic of Tatarstan, which gave the green light to tourist traffic in the most difficult times. ALEAN noted: “New Year and Christmas programs in the republic were in the TOP-5 of the most popular.”

Demand for recreation in this region this year increased by 17% relative to the dock time. Tours to Tatarstan are chosen by about 10% of tourists. A five-day vacation will cost only 19,600 rubles (for two).


Experts call the Sverdlovsk region and Yekaterinburg among the most democratic relatively covid measures.

The company comments: “The reservations of the Sverdlovsk region are not very active. Rest in this region is chosen by only 0.37% of the total tourist flow. At the same time, I would like to note that this is a high-quality segment of tourists who have visited many places. They are interested in visiting sights related to the Romanov family, the activities of the largest industrialists of the Urals. Holidays in Yekaterinburg can be purchased for 10,600 rubles for two. The duration of the rest is three days. “

Chelyabinsk Region

The Chelyabinsk region, located next to Yekaterinburg, also shows loyalty to its guests. The most stringent restrictions, according to the representative of ALEAN, are the ban on hookahs in catering establishments. However, rest in this region is chosen by about 0.35% of tourists. The peak of excursions falls on the period May-August (inclusive). In summer, recreation on the lakes is especially popular. “

A four-day vacation will cost 33,900 rubles for two. The most budgetary way to relax in August is on the lakes. A seven-day vacation for a couple with a child on the Chelyabinsk lakes will cost 23,700 rubles.


Tula follows the Chelyabinsk region. Last fall, it was tacitly called the capital of those who work remotely.

The company notes: “Close to the capital, budget country hotels, delicious natural products contributed to an increase in the tourist flow by 10 percent or more. A weekend in a four-star hotel will cost about 9,000 rubles, a two-day excursion – 17,800 rubles. “


– KCR and KBR. These North Caucasian regions are chosen by 2.5% of travelers. The demand for them relative to 2019 increased by more than 240%. A four-day vacation in the KCR will cost 39,700 rubles, in the KBR – 37,400 rubles.

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