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Tour operator Pegasus has launched Jordan reservations

Tour operator Pegasus has launched Jordan reservations

Tour operator Pegas announced the launch of reservations for a new destination for the upcoming winter season. We are talking about Jordan. Travel market experts told about the flight program, price tags and conditions of entry into the country. It is worth noting that they are very difficult today.

The program with direct flights starts on 16 October. Nordwind will operate flights on the Moscow-Aqaba route twice a week (Wednesday, Saturday). The cost of the tours starts from 69 733 rubles for three nights.

Russians do not need a pre-issued visa to enter Jordan. As for the covid rules, they are quite strict here. All arriving and departing passengers are subject to sanitary inspection and filling out a Declaration of Health.

Regarding certificates and tests, it is necessary to provide test results (three days in advance) to enter the country. Children under the age of five were exempted from certificates.

Certain requirements are also imposed on the certificate. Namely:

– the countdown is based on the time and date of collection of biological material

– test results must be issued by a certified laboratory

– in the help you must indicate which method was used to test

– only a document in Arabic or English is accepted

– a document with test results must be submitted when registering for a flight.

Upon arrival, tourists undergo prepaid testing at a cost of about $ 40. Children under five years old and vaccinated tourists were saved from passing the test.

As for vaccinated tourists, a number of requirements also apply to them. First, they must provide vaccine certificates (Arabic or English). The vaccinated did not avoid the provision of test results. Their shelf life is three days. Also vaccinated must have health insurance.

A mandatory condition for entering Jordan is to present a medical declaration form with a completed form.

In order to avoid any complications, tourists traveling to Jordan must have a printed health insurance on hand. If the tourist is hospitalized, insurance will cover treatment for coronavirus.

There are a number of covid measures currently in force in the country. Namely – the mask mode, as well as restricting movement at night and limiting the occupancy of hotels. Tours organized by a tour operator are permitted. But, be sure to observe the mask mode and a safe distance.

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