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Tour operators have commented on the demand for holidays in Russia in September

The editors of Countryscanner turned to tour operators to find out how things are with the demand for holidays in Russia in September. If we talk about the Krasnodar Territory, then August was not the most successful period. New restrictions were introduced in the region, which had a negative impact on demand. It can be assumed that tourists in general have an unpleasant feeling about booking a holiday within the country. There are fears that some kind of rules will be introduced. Although, in the popular resorts, they have already introduced everything they could, some sediment on this topic remained.

The press service of tour operator ANEX Tour reports the following: “ Holidays in Russia in September are in good demand every year, this is the end of school holidays, which means fewer tourists at resorts and the start of the so-called velvet season.

Intourist confirms that accommodation facilities in the Krasnodar Territory have already started offering prices for the New Year period … “ At the moment, the main depth of sales is about a month, but more and more hotels in the Krasnodar Territory are already giving prices for the New Year and requests for accommodation during the peak dates of the New Year holidays come every day, the company representatives report.

In general, the velvet season should be profitable not only for Russian resorts, but also for Turkey. Tour operators have repeatedly reported that reservations in Turkey are growing at a rapid pace.

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